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smart environment electrical data monitoring and burglar alarm system

smart environment electrical data monitoring and burglar alarm system


AD3000 system integrates environment, remote electrical data acquisition, fire alarm, burglar alarm and remote control function in one, which is widely used in the data acquisition and burglar alarm,fire alarm in equipment room of electricity, telecommunications, petroleum, and chemical industry.
Main function:
01. Built-in standard GSM frequency: 900/1800/1900MHZ (850/900/1800/1900MHZ optional)
02. Can Programme 1 to 3 group mobile phone numbers to receive SMS for environment, remote electrical data acquisition,fire alarm and burglar alarm.
03. Can Programme 1 to 3 group telephone number for auto-call alarm
04. Simulating data acquisition: Three-phase AC voltage, three-phase current, environment temperature, standard DC from 0 to 20 mA and alarm seting
05. Two relayouts to control home appliances
06. Two digital inputs(wired zones)
07. One wireless SOS zone
08. One wireless fire alarm zone.
09. Six wireless zone
10. External power failure alarm
11. Anti-tamper alarm
12. Programme system by wireless keypad or SMS
13. On-site Listen-in (standard), remote two way communication(optional)
14. Build-in self-recording voice message function
15. User-define the report of the daily operating status of mainframe.
Technical parameter:
01. GSM module phase:900/1800/1900MHZ (standard)
850/900/1800/1900MHZ (universal function ,optional)
02. Wireless accessories’s frequency: 433MHZ (standard),315MHZ (optional)
03. Working power
Type: Switch power
Input: AC 220V or 110V (Max.260V),50 or 60 HZ.
Output: DC 15V/2A
04. Backup battery.
Type: lead-acid battery
Rated voltage:12V (Max.13.8V)
Current capacity:1200 mAh
05. The power consumption of host in case of standby: 0.9W
06. Input channels of three-phase voltage
Voltage range of inputting:0-300,50HZ (standard),60HZ (optional):
High voltage proof: 2500VDC(leakage: 1mA,1minute)
Precision: ±1%
07. Input channels of AC Current
Current range of input : 0-50A
Isolation voltage:2500VDC(Leakage: 1mA,1minute)
08. Temperature collecting:
Survey range: -10-+60°C
Temperature range of thermal sensor: -55-+150°C
09. Input channels of DC current:
Input limit: 0-20mA
Precision: ±1%
Accessible to sensor with DC output range from 4 to 20mA
10. wired inputs (Wired guarding zone)
Dry connection.
User-define the contact junction of NC or NO.
11. Relayouts :
Contact junction type: N.O.
Capacity of contact junction:7A/240VAC,10A/120VAC,10A/28VDC.
12. User-define recording time: not more than 8s
13. The driver of voice speaker: 8 ohms,0.25W
14. The driver of siren: DC9-15V,120mA
15. The volume & weight of mainframe:
Volume: 29cm X 25.5cm X 8.1cm
Weight: 2.8KG
16. Storing temperature: -40 - +85°C
17. Working temperature: -10 - +60°C
18. Indoor wall-mounting installment