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Telephone Remote Controller For Air Conditioner

Telephone Remote Controller For Air Conditioner

Telephone Remote Controller For Air Conditioner


Telephone Remote Controller For Air Conditioner 
This smart unit can control your air conditioner while you away from home/office just by making a phone call. Such a simple operation only requires the entry of password. Control by telephone before returning home/office so that your room will be at a comfortable temperature. Can be used from mobile phones!

TR-001 features:

1) Control air conditioner by phone call

2) Record various remote control codes, compatible with most air conditioners

3) Very simple operation method based on speech guidance

4) Password safeguard

5) Stable performance, non-interferential

6) Comes standard with cooling, heating, dehumidification and switch off functions

7) To be easily installed on benchtop/wall, plug-and-play

8) Self-taught function, can be used for control of other home appliance such as TV.

9)If you don't have an available telephone line, you can add a GSM to RJ11 adapter (our model no. is YX-900), then you can do remote control anywhere and anytime, you need do nothing but buy a SIM card.


Model TR-001i additional features vs Model TR-001:

1) Automatically detect real time temperature in your room

2) Self-contained once you setting a temperature range For business partners

No matter you are a manufacturer/distributor/accessory provider of the air conditioners or an architecture contractor or upholsterer, it is a good choice for you to own this product. What we provide you is not only finished goods, but also a full package of blue print as well as MCU design, we can also provide you custom-built parts as per your special requirements. Key words: TAC,Teleoperator unit for air conditioner, Telecontrol unit for air conditioner, Telephone remote controller, Telephone remote controller for air conditioner, Intelligent remote controller for air conditioner,Teleoperator Unit For switch For more detailed information please e-mail us.

Telephone Remote Controller For Air Conditioner
Telephone control signal: DTMF
Wires applied: Simulation telephone wire. Press button/dial
Power : 4.5V (Alkaline battery×3)
Weight: 202g (including the batteries)
Dimensions: 132W×90D×38H(mm)
Operation temperature range: 0℃~40℃
Remote control signal: Infrared Ray
Transmitting distance: ≦8m
Installation: On desktop/wall

Standard met: FCC and CE

Shipping Information
1) 1pc unit in a 175x175x50mm
gift box (without batteries)
Net weight: 180g, Gross weight: 281g
2) 20pcs units with gift boxes in a 370x370x255mm carton (without batteries)
Net weight: 5.7Kg, Gross weight: 6Kg
3) 40pcs units with gift boxes in a 500x370x370mm carton (without batteries)
Net weight: 11.4Kg, Gross weight: 12Kg