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smart home GSM alarm systems

smart home GSM alarm systems


Description and Main functions
1. Wavecom GSM module.
2.8 wireless zones:
1 wireless SOS zone
1 wireless fire alarm zone
the other 6 wireless zones can be definded by user.
3.You can connect:
wireless emergency button
wireless PIR sensor
wireless door/window contact
wireless smoke detector
wireless gas leakage detector
wireless glass break sensor etc.
Each wireless zone can match numberless wireless sensors.
4.Can Auto-dial 3 phone No. and send 3 SMS phone No. while alarming.
5.You can call the main unit at any time and listen what happened in the alarm area.
6. Arm/disarm by wireless remote controllers or phone and can be set by SMS or Wireless keypad.
7.With password protection while the system is working.
8. Can connect with intercom. You can talk to the mainframe with intercom.
9. Switch to Backup rechargeable battery when power is failure or cut by intruder.
10.Wireless signal transmission, and don't fear for cutting line by the intruders.
11. Wireless Emergency function:you can press the button to alarm immediately in order to get help if in emergencies.
12. Can send alarm signals to monitoring center through GSM network, such as the police station