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Smart RF three button wireless smart remote switch

Smart RF three button wireless smart remote switch


All off function:all the lamps can be turned off by one button when go out or sleep and need not to be checked one by one which can save time and electricity.
All on function:all or a part of lamps can be turned on by one button.
Scene function:the lamp can be combined at will.For example,1,brightness when visiting,2.sweet and warm when eating,3.soft when watching TV.
Remote control:this function should be combined with remote switch and intelligent controller.These form a intelligent household system which can remote control the turn off/on of lamps and electric appliance through by any telephone and cellphone.When you go out ,you can do it as well.
Operating voltage:AC220V±10%  50/60Hz
Operating frequency:303.825/315/433MHz
Static current:<60uA
Load power: 5-800W
Remote control range:≥30m
Material:surface cover (PC)+bottom box(ABS fire resistance fuel)
Wiring way:one wire(not neutral)

1.using PC+ABS panel and soft touch designing,beautiful appearance and easy operation;
2.Signal wiring designing,can directly replace the mechanical switch,do not need to wiring;
3.Low-consumption standby,energy-saving and safe,not delay and quickly respond;
4.Anti-lighting,anti-electrical surge and protect the circuit effectively;
5.RF technology,non-directional,can through the wall;
6.Using millions of groups learning code and can set signal turn off/on and all turn off/on;
7.There is not interference between few switches.It can be remote controlled by one button.